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Wall Huggers or Ceiling Seekers? Can Wall Lights be used as Ceiling Lights

can wall lights be used as ceiling lights
Wall Huggers or Ceiling Seekers? Unveiling the Truth About Wall Lights

When it comes to illuminating your home, the choice between wall lights and ceiling lights can often lead to a conundrum. Can wall lights be used as ceiling lights? What are the best exterior wall lights to highlight your home’s facade? And, what are the best false ceiling lights to create an ambient glow indoors? Let’s delve into these questions and shed some light on the versatile world of home lighting, focusing on the offerings from Zoreza Lights.

Can Wall Lights Be Used as Ceiling Lights?

Wall lights, also known as sconces, are primarily designed to be mounted on walls, providing targeted lighting and enhancing the aesthetics of the space. However, the question arises: can wall lights be used as ceiling lights?

The short answer is yes, but with certain caveats. Wall lights can be repurposed for ceiling use in some situations, especially in spaces where traditional ceiling fixtures might not be feasible. Here are a few considerations:

  1. Design and Orientation: Wall lights are designed to project light in a specific direction, usually either up or down. When repurposing a wall light as a ceiling light, ensure that the design and orientation of the fixture suit the new placement and provide the desired lighting effect.

  2. Mounting and Safety: Ceiling lights are usually secured with robust mounting systems to handle their weight and position. Wall lights must be similarly secured to prevent any safety hazards. Consult a professional to ensure proper installation.

  3. Aesthetics: While functional, using wall lights as ceiling lights might not always achieve the intended aesthetic appeal. Ensure that the style and design of the wall light complement the overall decor of the room.

Best Exterior Wall Lights

Exterior wall lights serve multiple purposes: they enhance the curb appeal of your home, provide security by illuminating dark areas, and create a welcoming atmosphere. Choosing the best exterior wall lights involves considering factors like durability, style, and the type of illumination they provide. Here are some tips to guide your selection:

  1. Durability: Outdoor lights must withstand various weather conditions. Look for fixtures made from weather-resistant materials like stainless steel, aluminum, or treated wood.

  2. Lighting Type: Exterior wall lights come in different types, including uplights, downlights, and lantern-style lights. Uplights highlight architectural features, downlights provide focused illumination, and lantern-style lights offer a classic look.

  3. Energy Efficiency: Opt for energy-efficient options like LED lights, which consume less power and have a longer lifespan compared to traditional bulbs.

  4. Design and Finish: Choose a design that complements your home’s exterior. From modern minimalist designs to vintage lantern styles, ensure the finish matches other outdoor fixtures and your overall home aesthetic.

Best False Ceiling Lights

False ceilings, or drop ceilings, offer a modern and clean look while providing practical benefits like hiding wiring and improving acoustics. Choosing the best false ceiling lights can significantly impact the ambiance and functionality of a room. Here’s how to select the best options:

  1. Recessed Lighting: These lights are installed into the ceiling, creating a sleek and unobtrusive look. They are ideal for providing ambient lighting and can be strategically placed to highlight specific areas.

  2. LED Panels: LED panel lights are energy-efficient and offer even distribution of light, making them perfect for false ceilings. They come in various shapes and sizes, allowing for creative designs.

  3. Cove Lighting: This type of lighting involves placing LED strips or rope lights within a recessed area of the false ceiling, creating a soft, indirect glow. It adds a luxurious feel and can be used to accentuate architectural details.

  4. Chandeliers and Pendant Lights: For a more decorative touch, chandeliers and pendant lights can be integrated into false ceilings. Ensure the ceiling structure can support the weight and that the design complements the room’s decor.


In the quest for the perfect home lighting, understanding the versatility and limitations of different fixtures is crucial. While wall lights can be repurposed as ceiling lights with some considerations, choosing the best exterior wall lights and false ceiling lights involves a blend of functionality, aesthetics, and energy efficiency.

At Zoreza Lights, we believe in illuminating your spaces with style and efficiency. Whether you’re enhancing your home’s exterior charm or creating a cozy indoor ambiance, the right lighting makes all the difference. Explore our range of lighting solutions and transform your home into a beacon of light and beauty.

By carefully selecting and positioning your lights, you can achieve the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, making every corner of your home shine brilliantly.


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